Tents have been used by humans as our portable shelter since we first left the caves. Approximately 40,000 years ago humans built temporary dwellings out of mammoth tusks and hides, since then nomadic people built yurts, tipis. Roman’s supplied their armies with tents as a tool for expansion, a rested soldier is a more capable soldier. Vikings are thought to convert their ship sales into a tent over the longboat. Styles continued to vary based on need, then in the late medieval period saw the rise of lavishly painted pavilions and gigantic marquees.


Our tents are made from a heavy duty water resistance natural fabric. When the fabric first gets wet it swells locking the fabric weave tight. We can produce custom colours and designs for you but be prepared to wait for it to be made. All tents and accessories that can be ordered on this site are on our shelves and ready to send.

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