Conical (Bell) Tent - Large

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Conical or bell shaped canvas tent. No ropes required, it is quick to erect and very durable and sturdy in all weather conditions. Tall enough to stand in when getting changed and small enough to easily carry when packed. This tent can sleep up to 4 adults.

Maximum measurements are 3.5m tall and 4.5m wide (diameter) at the base, these are all hand made so variations do occur, but size can also vary due to weather, terrain and age of tent. It has a door flap which can roll up and by tightly lashed down in poor weather. Photo does not give an accurate idea of how large this tent actually is.

Preparing camp while on crusade.

The conical/bell shaped tent is a timeless design and can be seen in many sketches and paintings throughout history. They would have been a common sight among Henry VIII campaigns through to French Infantry of the 18thC. A similar design was also used much earlier by nomadic tribes and also later as in the patented early American Sibley tent. The popularity of this design is possibly related to the fact that no ropes are needed and therefore are easier to move around within a large encampment.

Original packed size 50cm x 65cm x 28cm but will vary depending on how you fold/roll it. Approx 14kg.

Standard Inclusions
1 x Tent
Sod cloth. Sod cloth is a material band up to 30cm wide attached to the lower wall that is buried or has soil (sod) and other articles placed on it to create a barrier from wind and rain driving in under the tent wall.

Bonus Inclusions
Includes bonus painted pole made of lightweight metal, what a bargain.
Pole is included as a bonus EXCEPT when a coupon code, FREE Shipping or other promotional discount is applied.

14 pegs are required for the bottom of the tent.

Shipping price
is ONLY valid for delivery to East Coast cities and major regional areas on mainland Australia. If you are elsewhere please contact us contact us for a revised quote before purchasing.

Real Canvas
NOTE: Our tents are made with REAL heavy duty (14 ozpy - 475 gsm) canvas and not a synthetic or ripstop fabric.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you order this tent, you will also receive a downloadable document detailing how to easily construct poles and make some pegs. This information is to make it easy to prepare your tent before your next event - proving once again that we have the real knowledge to assist our customers.

Late 15th Hussite war camp.

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Crusader in conical tent

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Peter b
Quality canvas tent without the price Although i bought mine a while ago last weekend was the first time I hav3 used it.In the adelaide hills at an event it withstood rain and win to keep me warm and dry , i cant praise it enough .
peter b.
large period tent for lots less received my tent today by courier with no problems,and only really 3 days from NSW to Adelaide.split pole was obviously strong enough and with the base plate i made i could stand it up and peg in in at my leisure , one person can set it up like this.lots of space and cant wait to use at the next event!
Love the Conical bell tent! Love this tent, easy to set up, with help from a couple of friends, mainly for bashing in tent pegs to hard ground and putting pole, just needs extra hands.
Comfortable and warm on very chilly nights, would prefer a larger door opening and an overlapping flap.
Take down very easy and quick.
First set up Received my tent within a week after payment! Very happy with the customer service, communication and flexibility of the staff at MFC. All very friendly helpful.

Initial set up of tent was slightly confusing of where to start; pole in first or pegs or combination?
Trial and error eventually saw the tent set up, still reasonably quickly.

*Suggest that MFC could put together a print out of instructions (gathered from customers) on ways to set up (for beginers like myself)

very roomy inside.
Will add more after the real test at Abbey :)
Matthew from MAS
This is an addition to my last post And to top it off the lovely people at medieval fightclub have amended the description very promptly. Got to love a site that actually takes feedback and improves their site. Good work guys.
Matthew from MAS
Awesome tent with only two minor easily fixed issues This tent is brilliant, I slept incredibly comfortably in this, it has withstood rain, heavy wind, cold and heat and came through with flying colours. My group is now looking to buy several of these. It is worth buying the finnial to go with this as well as the price is very reasonable. The two minor issues, you will need 14 pegs, not 12, and the centre pole is a little long, easy to fix with an angle grinder with a cutting wheel.
Chris G
Compact, comfortable and reliable tent for 2-3 adults or a palace for one. Used the tent a number of times over the last year. Super easy to put up and take down. Can be done by a single individual in 20mins or so, but is even easier with two.

Stores well, and takes very minimal room for transport. I erect mine with a take apart pole, meaning i can transport the whole tent, poles, pegs and all easily in a standard sedan boot, with plenty of room to spare for other equipment.

The tent handles well in what can be describes as no less then biblical rainfall, having kept me and my bedding dry, without a single drip when the heavens turned what must have been a swimming pool upside down for three days straight. Allowing me to sleep comfortably as other fled their failing tents for alternate shelter (including many whom were staying in modern nylon tenting).

I have found the issue of tying and untying the door during the day (mentioned in the previous review somewhat remedied by leaving the door permanently tied down one side (opening on a diagonal rather than as a full door) and using only one tie on the opposite side to hold the door closed during the day, when I expect to be opening and closing it frequently.

Overall, I could not be more satisfied with the tent and believe its value vastley exceeds its price. No need to ever sleep in plastic city at a period event again.
Conical Tent means annoying Door
The manufacture of the tent held up well during a weekend of camping, especially worked well during the windy night on the Sunday at Abbey.

The shape of the tent produces some disadvantages and advantages compared to a Bell Tent.
ADV - A much smaller tent when packed up. You don't have the walls, you don't have the side poles or spokes which a bell has. Especially compared to a bell tent with no side poles it has no need for unused footprint.
ADV - A Super easy tent to set up. I can do it myself in less than a relaxed 15 minutes after fighting for the afternoon. Pack down took less than half the time a bell tent I helped pack up the night before, and I used fewer people, only getting another helper for folding the tent.
ADV - Has no problem with high wind, A friend's bell tent had all of the walls opened to stop the wind pulling the top of the tent off, however this design kept the wind out of the tent very well nor about it falling over.
DIS - As the canvas stretches after being put up (about an additional 20cm around the tent was gained after being setup for the weekend) it will need to be retensioned. This requires re-pegging the tent, in hard soil with wooden tent pegs this is a lot of effort. A Bell tent just requires tightening ropes
DIS - This door needs large wooden pegs either side of the door to loop the door down onto. If you want to keep the door closed to hide non period kit It requires a lot of effort to tie down the door each time. A curtain to hide a section of the tent would be triangular rather then you being able to just use a sheet or rug.

We fit 4 people in the tent after setting it up in the dark, then 3 adults and 2 sets of fighters kit without good organisation comfortably in the tent. It also looks good.

Overall I am very happy with this tent. It is a fantastic tent either as an entrance level tent, a tent where you have to travel with limited space, or a tent primarily for sleeping. I did get annoyed at having to close the door. I would like to be able to keep the door open so that will either require period storage in the tent or a good divider. If you want to keep some non period kit out of sight easily or sit in the shade while working a bell tent might be better for You

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