Pinstriped Oval Pavilion with sloping walls

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Medieval oval pavilion or marquee style tent - perfect for your next event. This is an exceptional value historical style tent. Made in panels out of water repellent heavy duty canvas.
This tent is white canvas with green pinstripe edges and valance.

Dimensions: 8m-9m x 5m-6m - this will depend upon the site and the angle of the walls
Height: approx. 3.2m
Wall height: approx. 1.8m
Awning Dimensions: 2.8m x 1.4m
Tent canvas comes in two bundles with the roof weighing 32.5kg and the walls weighing 30kg

Standard Inclusions
1 x Tent roof
2 x Tent wall sections
Awning for above doorway
Cotton ropes
Sod cloth. Sod cloth is a material band up to 30cm wide attached to the lower wall that is buried or has soil (sod) and other articles placed on it to create a barrier from wind and rain driving in under the tent wall.

Bonus Inclusions
Includes bonus painted poles made of lightweight metal, what a bargain. 20 wall poles, 2 awning poles, 2 center poles (in 2 pieces) and 1 ridge pole (in two pieces) are included as a bonus EXCEPT when a coupon code, FREE Shipping or other promotional discount is applied.

Shipping price
is ONLY valid for delivery to east coast cities and major regional areas on mainland Australia. If you are elsewhere please contact us for a revised quote before purchasing.

Real Canvas
NOTE: Our tents are made with REAL heavy duty (14 ozpy - 475 gsm) canvas and not a synthetic or ripstop fabric.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you order this tent, you will also receive a downloadable document detailing how to easily construct spare poles and make some period style pegs. This information is to make it easy to prepare your tent before your next event (see here for more details). Proving once again that we have the real knowledge to assist our customers.

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