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Wedged canvas tent. Quick to erect (with or without ropes), durable and sturdy in all weather conditions. Tall enough to stand in when getting changed and small enough to easily carry when packed. This tent is perfect for a single person. Roomy enough for you and ALL your gear. You certainly can squeeze another one or two in for sleeping if you want.

2.8 metres long x 2.6 metres wide with a height of 2.15 metres

These are all hand made so variations do occur but size can also vary due to weather, terrain and age of tent. It has one central door. The  tent flaps can be flipped or tied back on the tent. The flaps can also be tightly lashed together in poor weather.

The wedge shaped tent is a timeless design and can be seen in many sketches and paintings throughout history.

Original packed size 70cm x 50cm x 20cm but will vary depending on how you fold/roll it. Approx 10kg.

Poles: 160cm x 12cm x 12cm. Approx 6.5kg

Standard Inclusions
1 x Tent
Sod cloth. Sod cloth is a material band up to 30cm wide attached to the lower wall that is burried or has soil (sod) and other articles placed on it to create a barrier from wind and rain driving in under the tent wall.

Bonus Inclusions
Includes bonus painted poles made of lightweight metal, what a bargain.
Poles are included as a bonus EXCEPT when a coupon code, FREE Shipping or other promotional discount is applied.

10 pegs are required for the bottom of the tent.
2 pegs required for the ropes - if you use them.

Shipping price
is ONLY valid for delivery to east coast cities and major regional areas on mainland Australia. If you are elsewhere please contact us contact us for a revised quote before purchasing.

Real Canvas
NOTE: Our tents are made with REAL heavy duty (350 gsm) canvas and not a synthetic or ripstop fabric.

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