Lady and the Unicorn - Touch - Hanging

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The Lady and the Unicorn (modern title) are a set of six tapestries each with a slightly different image to depict different aspects of human senses. The six tapestries are titled, Taste, Hearing, Sight, Smell, Touch, À Mon Seul Désir (perhaps desire). You may wish to read more here.

Our tapestry is based on the one titled "Touch".

The lady stands with one hand touching the unicorn's horn, and the other holding up the pennant. The lion sits to the side and looks on.

It is not an exact colour match but it is a true representation of the original image.

Size: 100 cm * 150 cm

This has been reproduced on polyester and will hang easily on your wall. Fixings to attach it to your wall are included

Originals at the Cluny Museum

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