Napoleon's Shenanigans: They're finally over!

18 Jun 2023
by Samuel Taylor

On this day, the 18th of June 1815, one of the most famous battles ever occurred in modern day Belgium, near a small town called Waterloo.

Napoleon had only returned from exile on Elba to France, and to power, some 4 months prior. His so called 100 days of rule lasted from his arrival until a few days after Waterloo. However, the defeat was so great he was forced to abdicate and "retire" to Saint Helena, where he remained until his death.

Waterloo marked the end of a catalogue of wars that had wreaked havoc across Europe since the French revolution, and also began an era of relative peace in Europe, as well as the unification of the German states into a single confederation. Napoleon's actions in France also began the idea of total war, a concept that would be seen at its peak in 100 years or so...