I don't care if he's dead, execute him anyway!

30 Jan 2022
by Samuel Taylor

On this day, the 30th Jan 1661, Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell was executed for regicide... despite having been dead for two years.

Now this isn't to say that he wasn't technically guilty of it, it's just a bit odd to hang, draw and quarter the poorly preserved remains of a 59 year old and his two buddies.

This was at the behest of Charles II, returned from exile and maybe a bit angry about Daddy being deposed and all that. Immediately after gaining power, and with characteristic extravagant flair, he ordered the posthumous execution of Oliver Cromwell, John Bradshaw and Henry Ireton, the conspirators responsible for the death of Charles I.

King Slayer

It was a bit of a ritual really; Cromwell and co. were hung on the anniversary of the execution of Charles I , their remains were spiked at Westminster Hall, (where Charles I was tried) where they were left for 25 years.

You could see that Charles II really didn't like this guy. Maybe for a good reason.