07 Apr 2022
by Samuel Taylor

On this day the 7th of April 1348, Europe's first uiversity was founded, Prague University, now called Charles University.

Bit of a different story this week, but nonetheless an important one. History's not all swords and death, you know.

It was founded by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, after which it took it's name, and is houses one of the oldest buildings in Europe, the Karolinum.

University Protector, Charles IV

Prague University has had a tumultuous history, changing hands over the course of regime shifts. It has been a both a Bohemian and a Jesuit institution, split between the Germans and the Czechs, until finally after WWII, it returned to being state owned.

It's easy to forget that without these institutions, much of what we know about our ancestors and their cultures would be far less understood than what it is today.

Cheers, Charles. Love your work.