6 Days Old and already a Queen

14 Dec 2022
by Samuel Taylor

On this day, the 14th of December 1542, Mary Queen of Scots was named as Queen of Scotland. Now this seems all well and good - despite the fact that Mary was merely 6 days old at the time!

Obviously, a newborn can't govern, and so regents ruled in her stead until she came of age. However, this didn't stop them from performing a crowning ceremony when she was 9 months old.

So before she could walk or talk, Mary would be crowned. Miniaturised regal robes were made for her, with a velvet mantle and bejeweled satin gown. Understandably the clothes completely enveloped the child, who also had to be carried down the hall and held up on the throne to prevent her rolling off.

The ridiculousness continues, as the ceremony also involves giving the Queen her heavy, regal Sceptre and 3ft long Sword of State, which were placed delicately into the babies tiny, tiny hands, and the Crown finally placed upon her weird, large baby head.

To finish it off, all the prelates, peers and observers would then kneel before this crying bundle of clothes and oversized implements to swear fealty until they die.

Yeah, monarchists truly are the sanest of folks aren't they.