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This is the MFC version of the Gokstad bed from the find of the same name in the Gokstad burial mounds.

We have faithfully recreated the style of the original, however we added a center rail underneath the slats to improve support and structure, see larger pictures for details.

This bed is 100% Australian made, the materials (pine) have been sourced locally.

The single bed has internal measurements are 1m wide and 2.1m long.
This item ships as flat pack and is easy to assemble.

The joinery is tight (dare we say perfect) and if you desire a looser fit then we recommend a little sanding. All parts have been left raw for you to oil or stain to your desire.

We believe that historically, this style of bed would have had a few, or perhaps several layers of matting to form a soft mattress.

The Gokstad bed is part of the Gokstad ship burial find. A skeleton was found in the bed under a wooden structure. While the actual identity of the skeleton is unknown, some believe it to belong to Olaf Gudrødsson

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